Salon Cleaning and Disinfection: More Than Just Spray and Soak

August 12
1:45 PM - 2:20 PM || -

Negative publicity is bad for everyone’s business. The media loves to sensationalize outbreaks and transmission of infections. We know that improperly cleaned and disinfected surfaces and tools can lead to adverse events, so it’s crucial to follow proper disinfection practices in the salon. This seminar will summarize common client infections and how they relate to disinfection, review best practices in cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and tools, emphasizing that the method of application used for the cleaning and disinfection process is paramount to providing safe foot care services, and discuss the importance of choosing an effective cleaning and disinfectant agent.

Speaker: Nicole Kenny, HBSc, Assoc Chem, Vice President, Portfolio Management and Technical Services, Rejuvenate Disinfectants

Hunnicutt A