GEHWOL’s Nail Repair Treatment Class

August 13
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM || -

GEHWOL Nail Repair System is the perfect add-on treatment for any manicure and pedicure. It’s the solutions to nails that have been compromised due to trauma or infection.
We will show you how to work with this special gel and how to increase your income. Best of all, your customers will feel whole again. No more painful or embarrassing fingernails or toenails.

• Two viscosities with three color options (clear, opal and rosa)
• Moderate viscosity is the perfect overlay for weakened, brittle nails and peeling nails
• High viscosity has the ability to build a new nail if part or almost all nail is gone

Items you will need to bring with you: a UV or LED lamp, extension cord, cuticle pusher and skin nippers.

Attendees will receive the Nail Repair Treatment System Kit consisting of 11 items (valued at $191.00) and a Certificate of Class Participation.

Speaker: Shelley Kessler

Class Fee: $133.00

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